Solar (PV) System

What We Do

Turnkey Solutions:

With the help of our experienced in-house team, we provide turnkey solutions to our customers for the complete project life cycle which includes approval from relevant authorities, design, procurement and construction as well as providing operations and maintenance services post completion.
We back ourselves with quality products and services and ensure long term relationships with customers.

Development, Feasibility and Inspections:

We help our customers making right decisions on their energy needs and how they can optimize between grid and solar energy.
We develop business cases, develop customize specifications to suite customer needs and ensure the standards are met by developing inspection plans during construction.

How Solar Systems Work

Solar Panels – Absorbs sunlight and convert them into DC electricity which is then fed to inverters.

Invertor – Receives DC electricity from solar panels and convert it to AC electricity to be used for general electrical equipment for commercial, industrial and residential use.

Battery Storage (optional) – Battery stores excess current produced by solar system and supplies electricity when solar panels cannot produce electricity for example when it is dark or on a rainy day.

Monitoring Systems – Provides insight of performance of solar system by providing real time data on solar generation, local consumption (in-house) and exports excess energy to grid.

Grid Power – Receives your excess energy that is generated, for which customer gets benefits on their electricity bills.

Energy Services

Energy planning and utilisation is key indicator of the approach of various stakeholders towards Future Sustainability and Environmental stability. Engineering decisions associated with community developments has a cumulative impact in long runs and drives the regulatory authorities master planning. OZESCO believe that the resource allocation to meet today’s developments needs shall not compromise our future generation requirements.

Our approach is to develop a long term energy plan with a thorough understanding of a business model, Australian energy landscape and establish a baseline that identifies future saving opportunities, including any government incentives.

Our Expertise

  • Energy Master Planning
  • ASP-L3 infrastructure planning
  • Monitoring, reports and analysis
  • Energy Pricing (with Retailers)
  • Efficient Lighting and Controls
  • Solar PV System
  • Tri-generation System
  • Battery Storage System
  • Controlled Energy Usage

Electrical Services

Electricity brings life to the buildings Architectural aesthetics and concrete structure. OZESCO in-house engineering team provides complete electrical solutions to our clients on variety of projects including commercial, high-rise residential, independent dwelling, industrial, hospitality, aged care and learning facilities and schools. The quality processes ensures all the consultation advises and documentation are developed in compliance with the Local Codes and project defined parameters, for the project life cycle.

Our Expertise

  • Electrical Infrastructure Master Planning
  • Building Electrical Design
  • Fault Discrimination Desktop Simulation/Analysis
  • Standby Power Generation System
  • Un-interrupted Power Supply
  • Lighting Services (Light-OZESCO)
  • Lightning Protection
  • Soft Wiring System
  • Energy Management
  • Due Diligence Report
  • Quality, Safety & Compliance


An immediate compelling visual effect of a building services design is good lighting. It is an appropriate balance between engineering and arts. Light-OZESCO provides an independent Lighting Design and consulting services to our esteemed clients, by developing close professional relationships. We understand how it makes us act, react and interact, and how it can be applied sustainably, effectively and efficiently.

Our Expertise

  • Architectural & Interior design
  • Landscape design
  • Energy efficient and sustainable solution
  • Product conformity (to Australian Standards)
  • Sophisticated control system
  • Compliance reports to obtrusive lighting codes
  • Software modelling
  • Visualisation of Space

Dry Fire Protection

Fire protection is a critical element of building services engineering. OZESCO encompasses the resource of qualified engineering team and works closely with the clients and sub-sequent authorities to develop safe solutions aiming the project business model, expected challenges and mandatory bi-annual maintenance.

We provide complete consulting services for design, documentation, tendering and construction phases of dry fire protection systems that achieves the compliance of Australian codes and regulations.

Our Expertise

  • Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection System
  • Emergency Warning and Intercom System
  • Emergency and Exit Lighting for access & egress

Engineering Studies

Light Metal Fabrication

Whether construction industry, solar works or warehouses & storages, light metal fabrication is virtually required in every project and upgrade. With the help of our experienced resource and project management team, we provide variety of light metal fabrication and installation services for commercial and industrial projects.

From concept to drafting, fabrication and installation, we can provide integrated as well as itemised solution depending on your project’s requirement. We have a proven record of projects completion and customer satisfaction.

Our Expertise:

  • Security Cages
  • Doors & Windows (both sliding and hinged)
  • Security Fence and Railings
  • Warehouse and Storage Stands

Design & Drafting